Skid Steer Equipment

Quality Trailers manufactures Skid Steer Trailers in three categories of component features. The floor of this style trailer sits lower in the frame to allow for easy loading of your equipment without the need for a dovetail.

Our Economy Series Skid Steer Trailers are available in both 8,000 lb. and 10,000 lb. GVWRs. The main frame on both models is 5 in. channel with 3 in. channel crossmembers on 24 in. centers. The 8,000 lb. model is built with a 4 in. channel tongue and the 10,000 lb. model steps up to a 5 in. channel tongue. A-frame coupler, top wind jack, stake pockets, and DOT approved lighting give a dependable trailer for a cost effective price.

Our General Duty Skid Steer Trailers are available in 10,000 lb., 12,000 lb., and 14,000 lb. GVWR’s. These trailers are all constructed with a 6 in. channel main frame and 3 in. crossmembers on 24 in. centers. The 10,000 lb. model is built with a 5 in. channel tongue and has 15 in. 225/75 radial tires. The 12,000 lb. and 14,000 lb. models are built with a heavier duty 6 in. channel tongue and have 16 in. 235/80 radial tires. 5 ft. swing up ramps, 2 5/16 in. adjustable coupler, 7,000 lb. drop foot jack, heavy duty diamond plate fenders, stakepockets, rubber mounted lighting, and skip DOT reflective tape are standard features on all General Duty Skid Steer Trailers.

Our Professional Grade line is our best Skid Steer Trailer and is equipped standard with all our best features. The frame and tongue sizes are the same as the General Duty series but we make the crossmembers closer with 16 in. centers. These premium models feature 16 in. premium radial tires, a 12,000 lb. drop foot jack, and an adjustable coupler. The 15,000 GVWR model features additional upgrades. These include a HD cast iron adjustable coupler and heavy duty spring assist 5 ft. swing up ramps that use 4 in. channel ramp frame runners for today’s heavier skid steers and mini excavators. A tool box with lockable lid, full reflective tape, and lifetime LED rubber mounted sealed beam lighting with a sealed modular wiring harness are also included on our Professional Grade Skid Steer Trailers.



8000 GVWR Economy Series

10000 GVWR Economy Series

10000 GVWR General Duty

10000 GVWR Professional Grade

12000 GVWR General Duty

12000 GVWR Professional Grade

14000 GVWR General Duty

15000 GVWR Professional Grade